What is The Strategic Planning Process? with there Components, KPIs, and Importance

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Bernoulli equation fluid mechanics

Bernoulli equation of fluid mechanics is a powerful equation used in the Lord of engineering applications. Which involves fluids or liquids. This article explains fundamental Bernoulli’s equation derivation and its application in very basic terms.

bernoulli equation fluid mechanics

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What is Data Privacy and Protection | Importance & Facts

With information technology. We’ve gone from a world that was private by defaults to a world that is public by defaults in a predictable. Worlds are lies. We’re private by defaults by the fact that most of our communications. We’re not mediated by tools of mass communications, that our conversations bounded by the physical location and thus it took extra resources and epitaph to publish public way. Now it takes extra effort to make things privates. This massive amount of data that is being generated by people can, of course, be used for beneficial outcomes or detrimental outcomes. The social data can be used by researchers to understand society better. It can be used for beneficial security reasons. It can be used to enhance public services, but there are growing concerns that our data is or might be used against us in a multiplicity of ways. That’s the thing we are trying to explain in this article “What is Data Privacy and Protection | Importance & Facts”.

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What is tag and TAG Manager and How it’s Work

Hello Friends, in this article we going to see What is tag and TAG Manager.  we explain the basic concept of tags and tag Manager (google Tag Manager). Benefits and how it will simplify your work.

Digital advertising and marketing make it easy for you to track the performance of your marketing and decide which users to target. There are several publishers and marketing channels available for you to reach the right audience.


  • Google AdWords where you can buy advertising based on the search intent of the user.
  • Facebook where they can target a specific audience based on their preferences.

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Concept of Vapor Pressure and Cavitations (Cavitation in Pipeline)

Hello, Friends here in the article of flashtutorial.in we will see what is the Concept of vapor pressure and cavitations (cavitation in the pipeline).

Vapor Pressure:

Suppose we have a vessel which is closed inside. We have water now Here I am considering water is at atmospheric pressure, then we are heating this water inside a closed container by supplying heat externally. When we are adding heat to this water it will evaporate and since it is at atmospheric pressure so the temperature required for evaporation would be a hundred degrees Celsius. Now when the temperature reaches 1000C at that time water molecules will be converted into vapor and this vapor will exert a pressure on this liquid water and hence this pressure would be called as “vapor pressure”. So here we have defined vapor pressure is the pressure exerted by the vapor on a liquid.

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