Top 5 techniques for Data Collection and Tools For Structuring Data

Hello friends. We had seen various tools and techniques about how to read the data and analyze it. Every tool will be coming in the picture once the data collection is complete. The power of these tools is effective only when the collection of data is effective. so, in this article, I’m going to explain very simple, but the most important top 5 techniques for data collection and tools for structuring data. without which you cannot analyze the data. This effective data collection not only reduces the work but also time to achieve sustainable results. At this point, we know the types of data and applicable tools in a particular type of data. So let’s begin the learning of these techniques.

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What is The Strategic Planning Process? with there Components, KPIs, and Importance

Hello, Friends here from Flash Tutorials, I just wanted to thank you for reading my articles, whether it’s ‘25 excel tips and tricks 2019‘, ‘4 components of the business plan‘, ‘8 steps to writing a business plan‘ or something else. In this article, I explained what is the strategic planning process? What are the components of the strategic planning process? KPIs, Cascading goals with example. So that you could get the most out of your tool and bring the most value to your organization. Continue reading “What is The Strategic Planning Process? with there Components, KPIs, and Importance”

Bernoulli equation fluid mechanics

Bernoulli equation of fluid mechanics is a powerful equation used in the Lord of engineering applications. Which involves fluids or liquids. This article explains fundamental Bernoulli’s equation derivation and its application in very basic terms.

bernoulli equation fluid mechanics

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Concept of Vapor Pressure and Cavitations (Cavitation in Pipeline)

Hello, Friends here in the article of we will see what is the Concept of vapor pressure and cavitations (cavitation in the pipeline).

Vapor Pressure:

Suppose we have a vessel which is closed inside. We have water now Here I am considering water is at atmospheric pressure, then we are heating this water inside a closed container by supplying heat externally. When we are adding heat to this water it will evaporate and since it is at atmospheric pressure so the temperature required for evaporation would be a hundred degrees Celsius. Now when the temperature reaches 1000C at that time water molecules will be converted into vapor and this vapor will exert a pressure on this liquid water and hence this pressure would be called as “vapor pressure”. So here we have defined vapor pressure is the pressure exerted by the vapor on a liquid.

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25 Excel Tips and Tricks 2019

After years of using Excel in a corporate environment here are my top 25 Excel tips and tricks 2019. Welcome to I’m about to show you some useful tips and tricks for Excel 2019. These tips and tricks have made me more productive and I’m sure they will make you more productive as well. Now let’s get started.
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